Inconsistent topic threading

Someone PLEASE explain to me how this Discourse is set up as the comments in a thread seem to be threaded somehow? It is behaviour I have never seen on Discourse and I do not understand it.

For example, I went to reply to a specific comment someone made, and the reply went somewhere else yet the other replies are in all different random orders … it is non-sensical, and I would like to make sense of it.


You guys seem to be the ones who moderate the forum … what is going on with this? Thanks!

Look at this thread for instance … replies are going everywhere, the top, the middle and the bottom … not in any particular order…

You were adding “answers” to the question instead of replying to the initial answer. We have a plugin, which makes this more like a StackOverflow kind of thing.

People don’t get that though. I think we may need to make a change at some time.

Agreed … if it is anything like that horrible threading on Slack nuke it! Oh wait, you said Stack not Slack … ugh.

So. how the heck to I reply directly to Andrea’s comment asking about how to get to Slack? Normally there is a reply button in each post, or one at the bottom for the discussion itself. In that case there was no way for me to reply there.

It’s not like threading. You’re going about this wrong. It’s isn’t actually a forum. Take a look at StackOverflow. There is a question, and then there’s answers.

You can also comment on the answers. So you would reply to her by commenting on the same answer as she did.

As you can see this category is a forum :grin:

How? — Ok, I see the comment button now … but why doesn’t this thread have any comment buttons? it is all reply …

Gonna suck to have to pay attention if you get a ‘comment’ or a ‘reply’ button on every discussion. :frowning:

See my edit to my last post. :slight_smile:

You can add comments to answers, but you can’t add comments to comments.

So I guess that I cannot answer here since I created this thread eh?

No. The “site feedback” category doesn’t have the plugin enabled. So it’s just standard discourse.

Heh … ok thanks @Louis. It makes some sense now that you’ve explained it …

Perhaps there should have been some announcement that you were not using ‘Standard Discourse’? Then people wouldn’t be having the issue that you alluded to.

Let’s see if I can use it correctly now going forward! Thanks again!

Yeah, I’ve already talked to @Jarland about taking the plugin out because people don’t get it. We’re not sure if it would break anything or not.

That plugin could be useful, but honestly IMHO this is not the place … as people come looking for answers and if they don’t know the wierd layout, it will only serve to confuse them more. Just my 2cents @Jarland

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I think the few cases of confusion on this do not justify removing the ability to display answers at the top. Normal Discourse threading would hide answers as more discussion took place, rendering this place not useful for reference. The confusion doesn’t seem to outweigh the usefulness from my perspective.

I sir respectfully disagree … but that is ok as disagreement is good! :slight_smile:

May I make a suggestion then if you’re planning to keep this as is … may I suggest that the 'Welcome to MXroute Q&A" post be permanently pinned at the top and the following text (or something similar) be added

This Discourse forum uses a plug-in which will rate allow users to answers and display them based upon which answers are voted best, rather than in the typical forum threading. So check the most highly voted answers first!

I honestly had NO CLUE what the bizarre behaviour was until @Louis explained it. As he indicated that it seemed to him to be a problem as well … maybe this is a good solution - let people know to not expect the standard behaviour. :slight_smile:

Took me a bit to get to use it. There’s a “Answer” which adds a Comment (Like the beginning of a Slack Thread), and a “Comment” which adds it as a reply to the answer. As we follow the StackOverflow example, we would +1 the answer that should possibly show up at the top with a wonderful “Community Approved Answer”.

Reviewing the post you reference, you seem to have clicked the “Comment” rather than “Reply” button. So yeah… Wolveix sometimes comes by and fixes the comment/reply if you made a mistake, but if you kept commenting, he probably gave up.

I would like to file a complaint that it should be slightly easier to reply to a reply :joy:.

I do that sometimes actually. But it needs to be done by editing the post from the rails console. Which is a bit of a pain in the ass.


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TMI, but thanks … I’ll read it some day. :smile:

So, what happens if I just want to comment on a topic but not answer it? There was one earlier that I could have made a helpful comment on, but the only option was to answer …