Cancel and/add email address

I want to delete an email address and add a different one. How do I go about doing this? I am not a developer so I need an easy process - hopefully located within the account dashboard.

If I understand it correctly you want to move the entire email account to a new address including emails. Instead of doing things complicated I’ll just take care of it for you. I’m currently on vacation without a PC, is it alright if I do this for you on Tuesday?

Wow, thank you, Louis - :hibiscus: Tuesday would be fine. As I stated to Alento, below, I’ve had the forwarder since last October so, no rush. Before we delete “arosenfeld@”, I’d like to add “abogart@” to my imail so please do not delete anything… Thanks!

Enjoy your vacation! :palm_tree:

Thank you! I won’t delete anything :grin:. I’m afraid to report that I haven’t made my way to a PC just yet. I’ll let you know when I have.

In the meantime I wanted to ask if you’re using IMAP or POP3 in your email clients. You should be able to tell by going to the settings. If it’s IMAP all emails are stored server side and I can move all of them, if it’s POP3 the emails are stored in your client. That would be more complicated. Let me know.

Hi Louis - Oh, no problem! I appreciate your help whenever you’re able. So I checked and it says, “IMAP” (see image). :-):+1:t3:IMAP

I work at a local University, daily so please be patient when waiting for a response. Oh, and someone is going to invite me into Slack (because I’m looking for a CTO). When I’m inside, how do I communicate with mxroute? Is there a particular “forum” I should join?

Hello Louis - Hope you’re having a good holiday weekend. Checking in to see if you would have time to add the new email and forward the messages this week. Thank you again! ~Andrea

Hey Andrea,

Sorry! I completely forgot. I’ve copied the account to abogart@ with the same password as arosenfeld@ (if something went wrong there you may have to reset the password).

I removed the forwarder and created and adjusted the forwarders to go to abogart@.

You’ll have to reconfigure your client to use the abogart@ address. Let me know if everything went right :grin:

Oh, thank you, Louis! :slight_smile: I’ll create the abogart@ account in my iMail tonight and make sure it works. I can go back in and delete arosenfeld@ when I’m ready. I’ll let you know if anything trips me up. Enjoy your night - Andrea

Hello Louis - I added abogart@ into my MAC successfully. One last question: When I eventually delete the arosenfeld@ email account from MXRoute, will my arosenfeld@ emails disappear, too?

Good to hear that :grin:. It should be safe to delete as it’s a copy, they’re not linked in any way.

The steps would literally be to delete the account and to create a new email account. You can do this in cPanel or in DirectAdmin (depending on when you bought the service). Could you elaborate on your question?

What have you tried?
What’s not working for you?
What did you expect to happen vs what happened?

I have no idea where the cPanel or DirectAdmin area is. I’ve logged into MXroute Client Area and I do not see my email accounts listed (I have 3). I clicked on my admin drop down that allows me to edit account details, manage credit card, and such but my email accounts aren’t there either.

When I log directly into the email account itself, I cannot see where to delete it. I see “contact information”, “email filters”, “configure mail client”…

Looks like you logged in to the billing portal. From there click services > your service > login to cPanel

No, that is not what I was referring to …

How do you access your emails? With which program, or web client?

Oh, and if you’d come to the MXroute Slack this conversation would be much simpler. :slight_smile:

Not required of course.

I did but it only shows my website, not email accounts.

Through iMail - on my iphone, macbook and ipad.

I’m not on Slack - I use Trello for my team projects. :frowning:

Ugh, sadly I am not familiar with any of the Apple products you use so I cannot tell you HOW to use an identity with them … but an identity is different than adding a reply to address.

Yes, you can remove the forward, add the new email user and then just switch … delete the old account when you wish. Though there may be a simpler way - as this would require you to look at both accounts …

If it were me, I would add the new email user then transfer the email from the other account over, delete that account and add a forwarder from the old to the new … but I do not know if you have the tech capabilities for that.

You have to click your service. So hover over “cpSmall” and click. :grin:

Your email accounts don’t show in the billing portal. It’s for listing and accessing your services and invoices.