Isn't a lifetime promotion a bit scammy?

A lifetime promotion is often viewed as a last effort for a dying company to generate funds. Additionally, if you stay open for any reasonable amount of time after selling lifetime packages, you’re obviously losing money. How is this financially sustainable?

Great question!

Our lifetime packages are sustainable by these points:

  1. They’re limited. If you’ve been watching us, you know we’ve been selling them for a while. You might think we’re selling a ton of them, but we’re not. To be honest, we haven’t sold that many at all, and we don’t plan to.

  2. 10GB storage allocations are easily nested into corners of servers that are generating $15k-$20k revenue per year. There’s room for a bit of loss.

  3. Lifetime means the lifetime of MXroute. If every other customer cancels service, no one orders any further service, and only lifetime services remain, then it’s obvious MXroute is nearing it’s end. There’s absolutely no reason for us to plan for that scenario or to act as though it’s an inevitable future. In no way is that a reasonable situation, we’ll always be competitive and creative to keep earning your business. But even if that situation occurs 10 years down the road, won’t you have gotten a pretty sweet deal that beats our regular price offers?

The reason for the lifetime promotion is this: We’re rapidly growing and scaling up our infrastructure. We have no intention of being in financial debt, and no intention of seeking investors. We’re healthy and driven. To accelerate our growth, we’re accepting investments into our company for one simple thing in return: A small service for the lifetime of our company (and no we’re not going to rebrand to drop lifetime packages by those terms, that would be scammy). It’s a small price to pay to receive investments toward our growth without investors or loans.

While we could grow just fine without any investments, as MXroute is a healthy company, we have a vision for the company that we want to push toward with everything we have. If our advancement is slow, so be it. If it can be accelerated, even better.

Hope that answers your questions :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve created I topic and one (or few) questions inside is about lifetime plan, could you help?

Hi, Jarland!

Is it possible to purchase the lifetime subscription for an existing account? I went to My Products & Services / Product Details / Upgrade/Downgrade and there were no options at all there (not even to upgrade to Medium or Large).

Thanks for your help.


Hi Alento, thanks so much for the response. It looks as though it is still available because I was able to go through the motions of purchasing - but wanted to avoid migrating. But perhaps it’s worth it anyway. Thanks!

Hi - Is the 300 outbound emails per hour limit, per email address or per package?


@Jarland would an upgrade be possible from my current 3-Year account to Lifetime? I don’t mind that data will be lost or I’d be moved to a new server.

Is the 10GB per email address or per domain name or the whole package is 10GB

10GB total allocation for the service, however you choose to divide that up. The limit applies to 10GB total used for all domains/emails combined under that service.

@Jarland , what happens when you go over the 10 gb for the lifetime deal? How do we upgrade to more GB? One time price to upgrade? yearly subscription? Please advise in detail.

@Jarland Can I stack by purchsing 2 LTD deals into one account? I mean I have 20 GB in my account :slightly_smiling_face:

Are 3-year promo accounts available?

They would be two separate accounts that couldn’t be stacked, but if you have several domains you want to host email with and could split them up across the two accounts, that would work well and you’re welcome to do it :slight_smile:

I NEVER like to suggest this but as they will be assigned to separate servers, you can use the domain on the new server - but be aware that you are going to have to abandon use of that domain name on the original server completely, and if you are going to migrate email between the two servers you will need to use the server hostnames in the migration.

@Jarland, I am excited about this LTD, but at the same time I am thinking the 10 GB limit is a little low if that’s the total shared across every domain. I originally thought it was 10 Gb for each domain. The truth is, I will most likely be corresponding thru 2 emails the most: support@ and myname@. If I get this LTD, it won’t be for clients, rather my own businesses. Knowing this info, will the 10 GB be enough for me? Or am I better off getting a yearly plan? How long does 10 GB last for someone sending text emails mainly? Thanks!

Honestly if it’s just me, I can’t fathom using 10GB of email storage. I’ve never used that much storage for my personal email or’s email accounts.

I’m highly interested in your lifetime service. When I try setting up my first domain (TLD ends in .ai), I get the following message

Invalid domain name provided

Domains must begin with a letter or a number and be between and characters in length
Please check your entry and try again.

Does MXroute work with .ai domain names?

With unlimited domains, that would be a heck of a deal! :laughing:

The billing software doesn’t accept TLDs it hasn’t been programmed for. I just added .ai :slight_smile:

If I want to order a seperate lifetime deal for a customer, can I do that under my current account or is it better to setup a new account, my customer is clueless with technology so he wants me to deal with all that