Isn't a lifetime promotion a bit scammy?

I’m highly interested in your lifetime service. When I try setting up my first domain (TLD ends in .ai), I get the following message

Invalid domain name provided

Domains must begin with a letter or a number and be between and characters in length
Please check your entry and try again.

Does MXroute work with .ai domain names?

If I want to order a seperate lifetime deal for a customer, can I do that under my current account or is it better to setup a new account, my customer is clueless with technology so he wants me to deal with all that

The billing software doesn’t accept TLDs it hasn’t been programmed for. I just added .ai :slight_smile:

Should be no problem having more than one lifetime service in your account, as long as you host different domain(s) with each service … :slight_smile:

You can upgrade to one of the front page packages from there if you choose.

Hi, I’m getting ready to setup initial emails for a 3-Year account and would like to upgrade to the LTD. How would I do that, and is there any credit that can be applied? Can both accounts exist under the same email login? Should I cancel my current account and set up a new account with the LTD? Logout and then add to cart?

Nothing is added to my cart when I click on the LTD button with this link, Please advise. Thank you.

I only have one domain. What do I do now if I also want to have the lifetime product? @Alento maybe you can answer this if I can register that product with the same domain I already have on another product (cPanel server, Friday)

I suspect that you are on a cPanel or VestaCP server??? If so, there won’t be any upgrade paths shown as both types of servers have been removed from active sales. If this is the case, you would need to completely migrate your email to a different server, which may influence your decision … just something to think about. As for if the lifetime promo is still available, @Jarland is the one to answer that if you’re still interested knowing that you’ll have to migrate.

Due to demand I’m unable to assist in moving customers between promotions. You are more than welcome to order any new promotion and move over to it at any time though :slight_smile:

Yes, makes sense, and your instructions for migrating from another server presumably work just as well for migrating from one MXRoute service to another. Thanks for responding.