Isn't a lifetime promotion a bit scammy?

Are 3-year promo accounts available?

I NEVER like to suggest this but as they will be assigned to separate servers, you can use the domain on the new server - but be aware that you are going to have to abandon use of that domain name on the original server completely, and if you are going to migrate email between the two servers you will need to use the server hostnames in the migration.

@Jarland, I am excited about this LTD, but at the same time I am thinking the 10 GB limit is a little low if that’s the total shared across every domain. I originally thought it was 10 Gb for each domain. The truth is, I will most likely be corresponding thru 2 emails the most: support@ and myname@. If I get this LTD, it won’t be for clients, rather my own businesses. Knowing this info, will the 10 GB be enough for me? Or am I better off getting a yearly plan? How long does 10 GB last for someone sending text emails mainly? Thanks!

Honestly if it’s just me, I can’t fathom using 10GB of email storage. I’ve never used that much storage for my personal email or’s email accounts.

With unlimited domains, that would be a heck of a deal! :laughing:

I’m highly interested in your lifetime service. When I try setting up my first domain (TLD ends in .ai), I get the following message

Invalid domain name provided

Domains must begin with a letter or a number and be between and characters in length
Please check your entry and try again.

Does MXroute work with .ai domain names?

The billing software doesn’t accept TLDs it hasn’t been programmed for. I just added .ai :slight_smile:

If I want to order a seperate lifetime deal for a customer, can I do that under my current account or is it better to setup a new account, my customer is clueless with technology so he wants me to deal with all that

Should be no problem having more than one lifetime service in your account, as long as you host different domain(s) with each service … :slight_smile:

You can upgrade to one of the front page packages from there if you choose.