A Few Newbie Questions

Hi, I haven’t started using mxroute yet. Since I have a few concerns.

  1. Is it possible to upgrade the plans if it’s not enough for me?
  2. Is it possible to upgrade more than the 150GB Plan without creating another account?
  3. Is it possible to use my own ssl cert for imap / pop?
  4. Is lifetime plan able to over sell? (Considering to start from lifetime plan then upgrade)
  5. Am I able to purchase dedicated IP for a unique domain ?

Some of the above problems solved as I couldn’t wait and brought it already.

  1. Yes, I can, but the max plan I can find in the upgrade page is 50GB
  2. Not Solved YET
  3. Seems yes, but haven’t tried
  4. Yes, it’s available
  5. Not Solved YET

Weird Problem Found:
It’s ok to send mail to google and zoho mail, and it’s also fine to receive from google. But I failed to receive mails from zoho mail (checked spam folder and settings), mails from zoho mail can be received by gmail and other destinations.

Happy to answer :slight_smile:

  1. Yes. You can upgrade to the plans listed on the front page at least.

  2. Not at the moment, though that will eventually change. Disk space continues to become more plentiful and affordable, so nothing will stay the same forever there. Though right now, selling such large allocations on a single disk array comes with a dramatically increased chance that it will be fully utilized in one place, which is harmful to the current business strategy as it severely limits how much revenue a single server can generate.

  3. We’d prefer you use LetsEncrypt to do this in our panel, bringing your own is a workflow that you can complete but we’re not prepared to offer support on if you run into trouble.

  4. Yes you can allocate as you please. the limit is solely on total usage.

  5. No dedicated IPs, but we think that is a thing of the past anyway and that this is superior: https://mxroute.com/our-unique-outbound-infrastructure/

We can receive fine from Zoho, this is likely something specific. Feel free to reach out to me on chat.mxroute.com and let me know the sender and recipient, I’ll gladly look up the logs for you.