The MXroute Chat Norms

(This formerly referenced Slack, and some of it may still be Slack-specific)

Welcome to the MXroute Chat usage standards. Below is a quick guide to ensure you’ll receive the best support response rate possible!


Here is an example of IRC Rules to ask for help.

  • Rule 1: Get to the point
  • Rule 2: Give us the facts
  • Rule 3: No terminal output
  • Rule 4: Stop Spamming, or mashing the enter button.
  • Rule 5: Be Patient

We can then blend some of these rules into our Slack. Since we’re trying hard to work towards a community led support. We would kindly ask you paste your question into the channel #support or #general rather than wait for a response. You’re free to censor any information posted publicly into those channels. If more private information is requested, you may receive a DM from @Jarland or @Louis.


You may receive a reply using the Slack Thread feature. Slack Threads Button
The above option may be used in the event many questions have been asked at the same time. Also, this consolidates your issue into one conversation. Do note that you should consider the thread closed after a week, please start a new one to ensure your (new) issue is noticed once again.


First, don’t be a dick and spam ping the MXroute Staff team for faster response. :sweat_smile: Also, don’t use @everyone @here we will dutifully despise you. :imp:

To ping someone, @[user] which should pre-populate possible options, click on the user you wish to ping and they will receive the ping depending on their settings.

Direct Messages

The private conversation area, no one has access to your messages besides the person you’ve messaged.

You may receive a message from an MXroute Support Member in case additional (private) information is being requested. Do ensure you’ve cross referenced the user actually being a Staff member, you may find those names above.

How do I join?

Click right here on this hyperlink! I do hope you actually read the rest of the content :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Feel free to add additional comments below!

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