MX Route DNS - ns1 &

I’m a new user to mxroute, but an experienced e-mail admin.

My question is: Is mxroute now offering DNS for domains? When I signed up for the service, my DirectAdmin console has the DKIM keys category, and in that section are a series of DNS Management setup items. I am able to add/change/delete records.

From a remote system, if I query the DNS server, I get valid responses for my domain that I just added (I have not yet changed the Nameservers on my domain’s registrar), albeit, the records are what are in the DirectAdmin console.

If the answer is yes, this is great unexpected surprise that I am happy about. If the answer is NO, why would these records exist and why would the servers respond to dns queries for my domain? (I know that without changing the Nameservers at my registrar, nobody will ever find this).

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user 007.

Sorry, i’ve answered my own question by RTFM.

Another user posted this question and it was correctly answered. " Clarification on DNS"

Sorry for the noise.

HOWEVER - I just have to say, i just setup the service in about an hour or less and I am very impressed. Thanks for the quality product.