Clarification on DNS

New user. Sorry if its a dumb question. Am I correct in assuming that if I DO NOT want to use a third party DNS server I just accept the default DNS records as provided in the management console without change?

Which SPF do I use, the one emailed to me on sign up or leave the one set in the console?

Ignore everything under “DKIM Keys” in DirectAdmin other than the DKIM key itself, DirectAdmin is a shared web hosting panel that we’ve made fit our purposes but there will always be a little bit of leftovers so long as we use it. The DNS records sent in your email are the ones you use. Note that we do not provide DNS service, you would need to point your nameservers elsewhere and use another service to handle your DNS. Your domain registrar typically will do a fine enough job of this on it’s own at no cost.

Thank you for clarifying Jarland, I entered the DNS records in my registrar interface and all working. One more quick query - I set a cname for ‘webmail’ in my registrar records, should I add a matching A record in the DirectAdmin DNS or do I not alter/add/delete anything there? - Cheers

It wouldn’t hurt anything but wouldn’t help anything either, it’s basically neutered and just visible so you can pull that DKIM key.