Mail Cant login

I cant login to my email account and show like that error.It is the second time this happen.Pls help me.

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This appears specific to the MXlogin webmail client. I will investigate and report back. In the meantime, you may want to use another webmail client.

If you’ve set MXlogin as your default webmail, there are some good tips here:

As Crossbox does not run on the client server but on a master server, it is subject to issues that other webmail clients may not be. For this reason I referred to it as “MXlogin beta” as I am not prepared to market it as the primary webmail solution just yet.

Ahh! I see.So if that port doesnt work we need to change another port right?So what is the other webmail client useable port list.Thank you!

Nope @kyawkyawsan it has nothing to do with ports. If you go to the main webmail of the server at the link @Jarland posted, you can select a different webmail client to use rather than the MXLogin (Crossbox) client. Roundcube, for instance, is very stable.

cphulk ignored the whitelist on Friday just like it did on Eagle today. I’ve cleared the blocks and opened a ticket with cPanel.

Follow-up to this:

There is a bug with cphulk right now that causes whitelists to be ignored. I’ve disabled cphulk for the moment, and I will be creating a maintenance period to install a heavily customized CSF installation (maintenance period because upon initial install it’s likely to block something for a few minutes).