How to Change Default Webmail Client Away from CrossBox?

A common question recently:

  • Does anybody know how to change default webmail away from CrossBox?

(I’m logging in to or webmail.mydomain.tld and it redirects to Crossbox before I’m able to change it.)

Well then, there are multiple ways to handle this rapid situation.

Difficultly Level: Medium, requires quick coordination.

Method 1. You can login to the regular webmail, quickly cancel the redirect, and switch clients with the navbar. As shown by @Louis below.

Don’t worry, you can always click the back arrow and try again. :sweat_smile:

Method 2. OR You use the following method discovered by @flips


You will be able to receive the AuthenticationNumbers, granted you cancel the redirection request fast enough. By then you might as well just use the navbar. :sweat_smile:

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