Is there any way to automate email backups?


I noticed in the MXRoute DirectAdmin panel I was able to pull up “Backed Up Web Logs” or something and compress the imap folder of my domains and download them to my computer. I was wondering if there’s possibly FTP account information or the like where I could set up an rclone script on a server to do a weekly backup of my account to Backblaze or something similar, that way I have extra backups just in case something goes wrong.

Thank you!

Welcome to the MXroute Community Forums, @iMax!

The recommended way would be to backup through IMAP. Alternatively, in DirectAdmin there is an FTP account that uses your DA username/password. Simply mirror it using rclone or lftp and way you go. (hopefully :sweat_smile:)

If you are on the Reseller plan, there is an option to send backups over ftp/sftp to another location, and a bit more fine grain access into the backup system.

Awesome, I just logged in through FTP with my DirectAdmin credentials and it worked! Thank you!