How Do I Backup My Emails?

  • I want my personal copy of my emails.
  • I want to download my emails.
  • Pretty scared, I might lose my emails.

To be fair, I’m sure @Louis can deliver a better explanation.

Pretty scared, I might lose my emails.
To set your mind at ease, MXroute takes as many backups as possible; but it’s crazy how much time it takes to do it. Please, don’t get mad if the backup they provide you is close to a week at max. They have other clients to serve, and it’s a messy balancing act.

How do I backup my emails?
Pretty much all you require is access to IMAP; you don’t even need to use MXroute but you know, share the love and nudge nudge buy from them. :grin:

Here’s a direct quote from Louis on how their system it setup.

I use mbsync ( to sync from imap to maildir. Then I do deduplication, compression, encryption, and versioning with borgbackup ( Finally I upload my borgbackup archive to multiple locations with rclone (

I know I should keep my own backups, but are MXroute’s backups/archives available to the customer in case nobody tested restoring from their own backups? :roll_eyes::grin:

You can’t access them directly, but we can restore the backups we have with a couple of clicks :slight_smile:

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