Failed login. Please try again

I am getting the error " Failed login. Please try again.". Even after it looks like it successfully logs in.

IE when I click “Check Email” from my cPanel email list it looks like it logs, it even has a logout button. But I get the message above.

Please help.

This looks to be Crossbox related. I’ll restart the slave.

Hello Jarland,

I am still getting the same message. " Failed login. Please try again."

Whitelisting Crossbox Master IP on Eagle went ignored by cphulk, not sure why. Cleared, will investigate the why.

We are having the same issue with an email account

Can it be possible this is the same issue from back in September with Crossbox?
Can you restart the slave? Or maybe the IP Crossbox Master IP got blacklisted?

Thank you

Even I’m having the same issue. Jarland how long it takes fix it. Kindly fix this issue asap. Or is there any alternative way that I can access email?

@Jarland I’m on friday, and I keep getting this intermittently when using NextCloud (both via the Android app and DAVx5) – but not IMAP (configured via K9) – I get the errors every ~3-4 hours and sometimes they persist for 10-15 minutes. Even logging in to the web UI at doesn’t work always – sometimes you have to try 2-3 times before it works.

Also happening to me on Friday server. I have to make 10-15 login attempts via Nextcloud webapp or mobile app to get in. DAV5X shows initial successful login but then fails secondary login when detecting configuration and never completes a full setup.

Best I can figure right now is that NextCloud needs to have less latency to the imap proxy, so a migration is planned to try to resolve that. No ETA right now.

Is it possible to restart the slave and see if it helps? Also, you mentioned a ticket with the devs above – did that help?

I had an unused BF 2019 service on arrow, so created an account on that and it logged in right away. Is it possible that my earlier user is getting banned/throttled or something?

Unlikely to be the case

I’ve heard a couple of similar reports but haven’t found a solid answer yet, observing.

That won’t help, NextCloud doesn’t rely on a crossbox slave instance, it’s just using an IMAP proxy that is coupled with crossbox.

@Jarland logins are now completely failing for me, even via the web UI. Is that expected?

Care to elaborate a bit? You are on which server? And you’re having trouble accessing the Crossbox/MXlogin webmail?
How are you accessing it?
There are two other available webmail clients installed and ready for you, but how you access them depend a bit on which server you’re on. (Acadia, Lisa, London etc.) :slight_smile:

I don’t know, honestly. Works fine for me. Can’t figure it out. Just keeping this up for now:

Our email is down. Is there anything you can do to help with this issue?

@jchiesa @Focusq

In this case I’d rather find out why it keeps happening than keep restarting the slave on report, so I’ve ticketed the devs. In the meantime, you can use the other webmail clients. If you’ve set Crossbox as your default email client, you can find tips on changing it here:

Edit: Eagle and Crossbox Master are not communicating, will investigate. In the meantime you may want to click the email in the corner and switch to another for a bit. I’m still calling that webmail client beta because it can’t quite be relied upon as consistently as roundcube (not a negative statement toward it, it’s just not local on the same server and therefore subject to more issues). Please don’t use the mxlogin beta client if you need that consistency in webmail.