Emails not delivering to MXRoute - PTR Error - Office365

Hello, Jarland!

I think I have the same problem as this other guy Emails not delivering to MXRoute (PTR Error)

I’m using mxroute on my company domain ( and one of my clients ( can’t send me emails.

Whenever he tries to send emails to my domain at mxroute (, it bounces and he gets this message about misconfigured PTR:

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-05 at 15.04.30

I would appreciate if you could solve this issue on my side. Thanks!

Further down in that email you’d have seen the actual error “sender verify failed.” In that case I have an article here: Sender verify failed | MXroute

I would need to see every bit of detail relevant to this. The whole email. Either it wasn’t sent through us or Microsoft is experiencing problems with DNS lookups. Likely the former.

I’m not sending email from mxroute to Microsoft365, It’s the opposite.

My client uses Microsoft365 as his email service with a custom domain (, and everytime he tries to send us an e-mail at (we are using mxroute), the e-mail from him never gets delivered to us.

Do I need to ask him for this whole message that microsoft365 is showing to him?