CPanel >Custom SSL > AutoSS is in progress


AutoSSL renewal has been running for a period of 24 to 48 hours. I noticed this when I logged into cpaanel to check the cert for one of my domains as I received a certificate expiration warning on my thunderbird mail client at startup.

I don’t know what information you will need to check, but if this helps I am on the banshee server.

I killed the AutoSSL process on Banshee if you want to try now.

I sincerely appreciate it Jarland. Let me try it now and provide you the feedback.

Jarland, the AutoRenew was available and wasn’t in progress. Kicked off a autossl renew job in which completed successfully and renewed the expired cert.

Sincerely appreciate the quick response and fix!

Is this normal?? 24 to 48 hours? If so I will wait, but autossl has been running again on Banshee for hours …

@Alento I haven’t checked since I renewed the cert on one of the mail domains.

It locked up again. I’m ticketing cpanel, this is obviously broken.

@Jarland This is what I am seeing in cPanel for my account. The option is available to run Autorenew ssl. I haven’t ran another renew since you restarted the service.


That’s how it should look, and clicking Run AutoSSL should kick it off. With that said, the cPanel support staff are currently logged in to that server and investigating why it keeps locking up so that you can’t click that button.