Choose server upon signup?


First time poster and interested in investing in the lifetime account. Given I assume you don’t want yet another email, I’ve posted here first. I’m happy to take it to pm or email if needed.

I see that it’s not possible to move an account once created - is it possible to choose the US server upon signup? Or pre-assign based on domain/email/signup IP/something. My users are primarily based in the US and it should provide them better performance (and less snooping - fewer international borders to cross).


There are currently no servers in the US that we can provision new accounts on. That may change in the future but I don’t want to make any promises on it. Right now all new accounts (and most of our accounts overall) are provisioned in Germany. As far as performance goes I honestly can’t tell the difference between email in Dallas and email in Germany, and I’m just 2 hours down the road from Dallas. Hetzner just has an amazing network.

Yeah the memory on Longhorn is only 24G and I don’t want to see Dovecot OOM the box. It’s also my most problematic box and I don’t think it would be a good impression. I’m working on combining all US servers into a massive new box that may or may not have room for most customers when I’m done, but that’s one of several projects I’m juggling.

Oh, you aren’t provisioning any new on Longhorn? It looks like it doesn’t have as many MX records pointed to it on securitytrails as some of your other servers… but I guess that’s domains not users/storage.