Activated account

Hello, when will my account be activated?

Edit: As expected it WAS a fraudulent signup and yet another signup by a spammer I had terminated hours before. It is no longer true that they will not try to appear as real identities and reach out to support channels, even public ones. In this case they stole the whole identity of someone with an online presence, which even their username here hints at. They also hijacked a US residential IP to place the order from a similar location to the identity that they stole. Let this be an indicator that there will be a round of customers pretending to be someone they are not, with intent to abuse our service. They WILL be recognized, they WILL not be allowed to signup, and they MAY attempt to make emotional appeals.

Original response:
Your order came at a time where we had a string of fraudulent orders, and yours looked to share characteristics with them. It may be possible that I’ve been mistaken by lumping yours in with them and cancelling the order. I’ve pushed it through now.