Why did I receive an "Account Termination" email?

The email said:

Your account has been terminated for actively and intentionally engaging in the sending of unsolicited marketing emails. This is not a mistake and the information has been verified fully, there will be no exceptions.

The rules are fairly simple on this:

  1. Don’t send unsolicited marketing email.
  2. Don’t send to mailing lists that are not double opt in.

If you think you might pull one over on us, you won’t. We guard our IP reputation so that our legitimate senders can appreciate the highest quality inbox delivery that we can provide. Quite simply, if you’re doing those things above, we’re going to know about it. We watch graphs, we monitor top senders 24/7. We monitor bounce rates. The only thing we don’t know is the text of your email, but that isn’t necessary to get the picture. This isn’t an issue that is at risk for false positives. If someone claims we’ve made a mistake, they are lying. We only take action when we know for sure.