What to update on DNS host for email

DNS hosted at godaddy; moving my email hosting here to mxroute. I see 2 MX records on godaddy. I also see CNAME records for email, imap, mail, pop, and smtp. Do I need to update only the MX records or all of the records that relate to email?

Also, I don’t see a TXT record on godaddy for the DKIM record. Should I add that record?


Hi John,

I strongly suggest using other DNS hosting besides GoDaddy. I have 2 reasons for this. One they are truly terrible as interactions with other clients have proven time and time again, and two they cannot handle the DKIM record without splitting it which is a very intense, particular process that is extremely difficult to get right. However, if you are sticking with GoDaddy for DNS then …

Replace those with the two you receive from MXroute.

Delete all 5 of these CNAME records, unless you understand and wish to do the following:


I would skip this if you stay with GoDaddy for DNS. Else, do use it.

Thanks for the information. Which do you recommend:

  • Hurricane Electric
  • Cloudflare
  • Rackspace
  • FreeDNS
  • ClouDNS

Well, in all honesty I only have experience with using Cloudflare. I am impressed, but concerned that they are getting too much control of the internet.

I have heard only good things about Hurricane Electric. I do know that Jarland used to use ClouDNS for MXroute at one time and never had anything bad to say about them. Though I do notice that he is no longer using them.

I have no experience or comments on the other two providers on your list.