What spam assassin threshold score applies?

In cPanel I’ve set the threshold to 6.5 (too much stuff was being trapped). When I’m reading email in RoundCube and click on my user name, then on Spam Filters, the page offers me the choice of a custom setting or “Use the system-wide default threshold (5)”.

Is this really using 5, or is this just hard-coded text and it’s really using the value in my cPanel setting?

5 is the default for the setting in your panel, and where we would rewrite a message’s subject to say “SPAM” in it if we enabled that feature (but we don’t).

The server rejection threshold is 10, so any setting you use below that is effective.

I’m still confused.
In cPanel->Spam Filters I see:

Move New Spam to a Separate Folder (Spam Box):

Spam Box is **enabled** . Spam Box will direct all new email messages with a calculated spam score greater than the [Spam Threshold Score] (6.5) to a separate folder for you to review.`

So, is spam rejected at
6.5 (which I have set as the gloabl account default via cPanel),
10, which you just wrote is the system default, or
5, like it says in the drop down in RoundCube?

It does what it says it does, but if the score is 10 or above we reject it regardless of what you set there.