What is up with portal.mxroute.com?

You may be here because portal.mxroute.com is down and inaccessible. We’ve been planning for this for a while, don’t panic! All services are online. If you know (and you should) your DirectAdmin or cPanel login, you can access those panels without portal.mxroute.com. If you’ve been using the login button from portal.mxroute.com instead and don’t know it, check the email you signed up with for a “Important Account Information” email which contains the information you need to bypass portal.mxroute.com to manage your service.

No outage of portal.mxroute.com is an outage of production MXroute services, this is key to understand. This is our billing software used to handle orders, renewals, etc. We have been using WHMCS for years, and we’re moving it to HostBill. Here are some key points of this migration:

  1. All new orders will be halted until the work is done.

  2. You will NOT be able to use portal.mxroute.com. If you know your DirectAdmin or cPanel login credentials, keep those handy. Nothing prevents you from using service, but the convenience of the one-click login from WHMCS will not be present when this maintenance begins.

  3. No one will be able to log in to chat.mxroute.com, existing sessions will remain open. This may be permanent. it hasn’t been decided… All support will be moving to support@mxroute.com immediately. Registrations will be re-enabled at community.mxroute.com for now. If we decide to keep chat.mxroute.com around after this process, it may require individual registration, and we’re likely to no longer consider it a primary path to support as a result of that (HostBill doesn’t possess the same app login method that WHMCS does, which is what RocketChat is running on presently).

  4. Many of our tutorials may be rewritten at https://mxroute.com/docs/ before HostBill comes online for users. We definitely will not accept new orders until the documentation matches the new UX.