What is reseller and how is it different from your other services?

Question in the title :slight_smile:

TLDR: Reseller is not as polished as our normal service, because we give you tutorials to turn it into your own service in the way that we’ve done with ours. It’s a blank template, and if you want to just jump right in without setting it up for your business, you might be disappointed. Look over the tutorials first to see how it’s meant to be used: https://mxroutehelp.com/index.php/category/reseller/

The real answer:

When you purchase normal service you are given one control panel login to one of our servers, where you can log in and add domains, email accounts, etc. What you can’t do is give your customers a login to that control panel to manage domains, automate reselling our services with billing software like WHMCS, or hide the URL/logo of the control panel behind your own domain/branding (so customers don’t see MXroute).

With reseller service you are getting the same MXroute service but at one layer higher in the permission hierarchy. You actually get to create control panel accounts for your customers, giving them each unique logins to manage their own domains/email accounts. You can customize how the control panel looks (style, layout, logo), and hide the login behind your own domain (ex. mailadmin.yourdomain.com).

If you purchase service with the intent of delegating control of individual portions of the service to your customers, reseller service is what you want to be using.

Reseller service does require that you configure things like packages (storage limits, etc) that you give to your customers, and you have to customize the control panel style yourself. It isn’t as “pretty” up front as the basic MXroute service because it’s a blank template for you to set up. Don’t worry too much about that though, we have tutorials to help:


so how do we get this reseller account?


Reseller accounts are expected to be available soon!

I am sure that their availability will be mentioned when they go live.