What happened to the Outlook skin?

Hi there,
What happened to the Roundcube skins? There are only three skins are currently available. I was using the Outlook skin but now it’s also gone.


Great question!

I decided to go ahead and go with the new Roundcube defaults for a few reasons. They’re probably boring, but I’ll share for the sake of transparency:

  1. Roundcube updates would break those themes, requiring that I re-apply them to each server on update. This was already making management difficult as the number of DA servers continues to grow.
  2. The theme creators raised the price unreasonably, meaning now I’d have to divide servers up by which ones had them and which didn’t on updates for re-application.
  3. The new Roundcube theme is beautifully responsive and very mobile friendly. The lack of these things actually informed the purchase of those third party themes.
  4. The theme developer hadn’t yet guaranteed their themes to be functional with the new Roundcube that had just released, and as you can see I had good reason to want to upgrade the servers to it.

With all of those pieces together it really seemed like the right choice.

You can keep up with changes to the MXroute service here as well: https://headwayapp.co/mxroute-changelog (Or just click Changelog at the top of mxroute.com).

Additional note: If you want to deploy those templates on your own Roundcube installation, message me at chat.mxroute.com. I have licenses that I no longer have a need for.