What are the daily bandwidth limitations for imap migration?

I and currently on Shite5 for site and email hosting, and desperately need to leave them, at least for email.

I am between Gmail and Mx Route but just ran in a fundamental problem with Gmail meaning I’m leaning towards MX Route.

I have 13 email inboxes that need migrating. One of them is 20gb after streamlining it. Another is about 6gb, but all the rest combined are less than 1gb.

Gmail have a hard limit of 1.5gb upload per day. They literally pause your upload for 24 hours once you hit each 1.5gb. This would mean my 20gb mailbox would take 10 days to migrate. Not an option and Gmail have no way to make it faster and no cpanel option. I can’t miss 10 days of email functionality, and that’s only the one account. realistically it could take 3 weeks to migrate the three larger email accounts.

Does MX Route offer a solution for to migrate my emails that will take hours, not weeks? Cpanel? Imap migration tool that doesn’t have a bandwidth limit? Ability to upload large EML files?

Next question:

Ideally, I’d like one login (me@company.com) to be able to oversee about 8 of these mailboxes.

I then need individual webmail logins for 5 email accounts (staff1@company.com, staff2@company etc).

How could this be done on MX route? is there a virtual multi-email client in MX Panel or can I just use something like Thunderbird, and then individual logins for each email?

Thanks in advance.

Only thing I can offer is over IMAP. I love imapsync. Personally I prefer installing it in the terminal on a linux box and running it over command line, but this was also made by the developer of it: https://imapsync.lamiral.info/X/

No bandwidth limits. Try not to DDOS us with 40,000 simultaneous connections, I don’t like getting out of bed when I don’t have to and that’s my job :wink:

So what you’ll get with us is a DirectAdmin login. That login manages the mailboxes. The individual mail users can manage their password and filters through Roundcube (we offer other webmails, but those implementations are in roundcube). You cannot create sub users for the control panel, just be aware of that.

I’ll offer an all you can eat buffet for that. I despise per user costs.

Taking the discussion in a slightly different direction — I am interpreting your comment to mean that you’d like the person who own’s the mailbox at me@company.com to actually receive and read and respond to emails that are addressed to 8 others. Am I correct here?

If so, you can create an alias to accomplish this. Actually it can be done in one of two ways.

Method1: Set up mailbox for user1@company.com. Then add a forwarder to forward mails to me@company.com. This should deliver the mail to two locations. The mailbox for me@ and for user1@. You then can read the emails and reply using the email address user1@ by creating an identity for it in your email client.
Method2: Simply create a forwarder for user1@company.com to deliver mail to me@company.com. This will NOT store mail seperately for user1@company.com.

If you have any questions or need any clarification on this feel free to DM me here or on chat.mxroute.com.


Amazing. Thank you so much and I promise of DDos you lol.

So just to 100% confirm, there’s no daily limit on IMAP uploads? I can’t start a 20gb IMAP upload from Site5 and it’ll keep on going until it’s done?

Thanks for the buffet - I Ace’s to all the email accounts from an admin account is how Site5 does it too so I’m familiar. Roundcube however is fantastically unfriendly/non responsive for mobile - are there other options? My staff complain they can never check their emails from their phone via round cube.
Thanks again for a great service, I’ll be singing up today.

@Alento - Thanks for this comment and your other about the aliases, but you have disabled comment replies and I can’t DM you becuase it requires me to be a MX Route customer…and I’m asking these questions to decide whether to be a customer.

I know staff can use any stock email app but my question is: is there a webmail option for mobile other than roundcube? Squirel mail, Horde etc?

Interesting, perhaps the forum moderator @falceso can advise on this issue.

I sent you a DM, you should be able to reply if needed.

It is not necessary to use RC on mobile. There are dozen’s of email clients available. I cannot recommend a specific one though. When I needed email on mobile, I just used the default email client provided by Samsung. It was sufficient for my needs at the time.

I mis-interpreted your comment as when I think of webmail I am thinking desktop not mobile.
MXRoute offers Roundcube, Rainloop, and Crossbox (in beta) webmail clients. As I mentioned in the previous response I do not generally use my phone for email, so I cannot advise a specific app to use for mobile email. But I am certain that there are many good ones - all better than using webmail in a browser on mobile, I suspect.

This is a question and answer forum similar to StackExchange. To add a comment to an answer, click on the Comment link on that answer. You can’t comment on comments, you can comment with someone on an answer.

@Alento - thanks again, that’s exactly the information I was looking for. Dm’d you now.

@electribe @Alento

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To my knowledge, nothing should be preventing you from joining us on RocketChat. Simply register an account in the Client Area Portal, and return back to RocketChat with normal procedures. Pre-Sales questions should probably go into RocketChat, unless there is commonality in the “Pre-Sale” question. Do note, pre-sale questions have a slightly lower priority in response time.

You could also join us in the legacy Slack (DM me on the Forums or Search it in here), but we prefer the migration to RocketChat for higher activity. :wink:

Edit: Promoting accurate statement. Please refer to the following quote in regards to joining RocketChat.

Ahh, the OP clarified in DM that they meant the chat.mxroute.com Rocket Chat. I suppose that one must be registered for the MXRoute billing portal to reach the chat? Is there an alternative to registering for the portal, or should all pre-sales inquiries be made on the community.mxroute.com forum? (here)

I believe the new servers have some Roundcube themes installed that work very well on mobile (except for editing filters, that was a bit buggy last time I tried from my phone). :slight_smile:

RocketChat would be reserved for people who have signed up for service. We’ve actually gone to great lengths to prevent pre-sales questions. Although I’ll gladly answer anyone who breaks through the barriers and lands in one of the two support paths, I intentionally do not have a pre-sales path. The honest reality is that an open pre-sales path becomes so bottlenecked with demand that we’re not priced to be able to support it. It would require full time staffing which I am not particularly interested in.