Verification emails from U-Haul

When creating an account at U-Haul (moving my daughter several states eastward), it’s required to enter a verification code delivered via email. This email never arrives. SpamAssassin is enabled but not discarding anything. I don’t even see connection attempts in the inbound log. Help? I’m on the arrow server.

Doesn’t look like you’ve done anything wrong. I signed up on and had them attempt to send a code twice, nothing arrived. I signed up again with a Gmail account and it arrived. I used that to find their IP space that they email from, I checked the logs and confirmed that no IP in that range has attempted to connect to the Arrow server.

Best I can figure is that they’re blocking outbound traffic to certain places. Probably known datacenters like Hetzner (the one we use).

I don’t have any contacts in their IT department but if you or anyone reading this later has any, I’d love to talk to them about it. Otherwise I guess it’s not within my ability to influence. I’ll try to see if I can find someone to talk to about it, but no promises. Sorry for the trouble.

Hey, thanks very much for the troubleshooting and discovery. I was able to work around it by using my phone number instead of email for verification – which apparently they require every time you log on as a form of MFA. Seems overkill for a moving company but it is what it is. You can place my request at the bottom of the ever-growing pile of things I’m sure you’re constantly investigating.