Valid TLDs For Signup


After I did some search, I know now that the registration form doesnt support every domain there is but more domains gets added to the billing system to make it supported at MXROUTE service level. And new domains gets added quickly whenever any mxroute user request or mention the domain here on this community corums. Hats off for the quick support response.

Can anyone confirm that registering a country specified TLD (eg: to mxroute email hosting service with no issues or service intruptions?

Thank you

Hi @Amr

The service works perfectly for any internet routable domain regardless of the TLD. :slight_smile:

The only real issue, as you have noted, is that the billing portal software (WHMCS) is woefully out of date when it comes to recognizing valid TLD’s. Fortunately, it is apparently easy for staff to correct this inadequacy of WHMCS.

Hey @Alento

Thank you : )