Using Python to send emails to about 700 people - is this okay?

Hello colleagues,

I’m hoping to get some quick answers on this, because what I’m trying to do requires that it goes off without a hitch.

I need to send PIN numbers to the governing body of our organization so we can carry out a remote election. For expediency’s sake I’m using a python script with smtplib to do this.

My understanding is that there’s an email limit of 300 per hour and 100 per recipient. At most, I would be sending out about 750 emails. The script uses time.sleep() to space the emails at least 15 seconds apart, so no more than 240 should be sent in an hour. Each recipient would get only one (1) email. All this is to say, I think my script falls within the limits set by MXRoute.

I’ve also sent an email to MXRoute email support letting them know ahead of time what I’m doing, letting them know that they can see my python script and email list if they want, etc.

My question to you: is there anything I’m missing that could possibly make what I’m trying to do impossible? I need to know ASAP, because if there is, I’ll need to find another solution, pronto.

Mike Smith, 2nd Vice Chair, Multnomah Democrats

Your logic seems sound to me, seems perfectly reasonable and within scope.

How to access the API key to be used with python?

You would just use SMTP, for which many python libraries already exist. We do not have an API interface to our MTA.