Upgrade Storage Above 50GB

Is there a way to upgrade my account storage beyond 50GB? Just asking if we get to that point and want to go larger what can be done?

There’s not a defined path for that, for the simple reason that we can’t grow accounts beyond a certain size within our current business strategy. The size where that occurs is a good bit larger than 50GB, but we intentionally don’t sell storage allocations right up to that limit or publicize what that limit is because we want to leave some wiggle room for working with customers like you if/when you reach such a limit and absolutely can’t break it apart into more than one account.

If you can break it up into more than one account by spreading out domains across multiple packages, that is the most appropriate path. If you can’t, because it’s all under one domain, you’ll need to initiate a private conversation. That conversation should stem from organic growth of your account over time, and not an initial pre-sales question asking for larger initial packages.