Upgrade Product

Hi, I’ve been unbale of upgrade my services to the next package because it is not working on website. Could anyone help me please?
As you can see, I can’t go next in this step: http://prntscr.com/rkup6b


For users still on cPanel plans you’ll just need to reach out about upgrades. Unfortunately our billing software (WHMCS) doesn’t differentiate between stock available for purchase and for upgrade, meaning the only way to prevent new signups on cPanel after their licensing fiasco (much longer story) is to cut stock for both.

I’ve upgraded you to the Medium package at no cost.


Many thanks, I’ve another cPanel package (wkey) with the same problem, could you please also manually upgrade it?

Thank you,

I am having the same issue on my package. I can’t upgrade my cpanel package and have exceeded the overall storage. Please help me upgrade it asap! Thanks

Upgraded from 15GB to 50GB storage, no change in price.

Upgrade complete (Discourse prevents me from posting a message that short)