Underlying tech?


I’m wondering about the tech powering MXRoute, is it different from a traditional cPanel/Exim/Crossbox/WHMCS setup?

I’m don’t really trust cPanel email as had lots of issues in the past. How is MXRoute different?



There’s not much different about our product except the way we treat outbound email. So if ip blacklisting etc was an issue for you in the past it won’t be with MXroute. If it was the management interface etc then you might run into the same issues with MXroute. Another thing to consider is that our focus is email. Not like those webhosts where email is an afterthought.

Here’s a bit more info to read up on:

The latest I have heard is the MXRoute is planning to move to a entirely new infastructure. This of course will take time to create, then test … so it will be a while, but expect the cPanelness of MXRoute to be history sometime soonish. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response. I have no issues with cPanel interface, I use it a lot… just grown to not overly trust the default email setup and have ventured to other providers like G Suite which can be quite costly for lots of account.

On the cost: Do you have any ideas yet if, and how much, your prices will increase now that cPanel is shafting the hosting industry?