Unable to Login to Customer Portal

This is odd. I can’t login to my customer portal account, and I can’t reset the password because it says my account can’t be found. My last yearly renewal was in November 8, 2019 and it successful. My accounts are working, etc. but I need to login to make some changes.

This occurs when you’re trying to log in with an email address that doesn’t match your account with us. We most commonly see this when a user changes their contact email with us and then forgets later, since most users only pay us yearly it’s easy to forget about it by not interacting with our billing system for several months.

In this case you changed the email address you used with us back on December 01. If you can remember what you changed it to that would be the easiest/best path forward. Alternatively, you can create a new account (make an order, don’t pay) then use that to log in to chat.mxroute.com and message me (Jarland). When I’m next available I’ll review your account and determine what information I would need to request from you in order to be satisfied that you are in fact the person you say you are (I don’t want to hand out account info to anyone but the account owner, and I’m always keeping an eye out for social engineering attacks). Once I’m satisfied with your identity I could then provide information.

You’re right, I did change it and I got back in. All is good now.

Thanks Jarland and MXRoute!