Typed up mails disappearing

A couple of times now I have typed up entire reply emails and then clicked “Send” only to have the entire email disappear. It’s not in the drafts section either. And of course I checked my “sent” email box and it’s not there.

Any one have a clue why?

What email client are you using to do this? It may be worth noting that writing the sent emails to a folder isn’t a server side function, and that can be confusing when the industry standard is considered Gmail which has an entirely proprietary system, where we use open source standards. Instead, for standard SMTP/IMAP, the sent email is written to a sent folder by the IMAP client over the IMAP protocol.

If two apps are considering the sent folder to be a different folder (for which there is no standard, see I can’t see mail sent from iOS Mail app in Roundcube - Question - MXroute Q&A, ) then you might be looking for the sent email in one folder and it might be in another.

I’m just accessing and typing via mail.mxlogin.com - DirectAdmin, right?

Okay. For now I’ll just type in a doc.

Thanks Jarland!

Hmm. I haven’t heard similar behavior from Crossbox. Could be browser plugins interfering. Could also be worth reporting in the menus using the “Feedback” link as the Crossbox devs work closely with us and our customers.