Too Many Forwarders to Display

I had Jarland add in my many, many forwarders a couple weeks ago. It looks like the display page in the Control Panel isn’t able to display more than 100 forwarders at a time. Is there a next button or filter option somewhere so I can look at other forwarders?

It appears that some of my forwarders aren’t there, but I can’t confirm. I think it is the forwarders that had more than one recipient address didn’t import correctly.

DA may not do a great job of displaying such extensive lists. Similarly when adding whitelist/blacklist entries for spamassassin to a large degree, it tries to load them all at once and may fail to do so.

If you’d like me to check if any particular forwarder is working okay, shout me a message with the info @ and I’ll take a look as soon as I can.