There are some errors with my account

Hi,I purchased the email service and registered an account.


But I can’t log in, and it prompts wrong account information.Please help me.

Thank you.

I’m monitoring black friday orders and tossing any that use fake information.

Is it because I cannot log in to my account because “it has been judged as fake information” or is it “under review”?
Thank you.

Fake identity was used.

I don’t know why I judged that I was a forged information. Obviously you made a wrong judgment.

I’m so sorry, I am Chinese, L is my last name, RY is my first name, my full name is Li RUIYan

Sometimes I use my initials to pay for orders online. If this causes your misunderstanding, I hope you can understand

Oh well then my apologies first name “L” and last name “RY.”