Switching from google workplace to mxroute. Neither emails are working

I started my company this year and I was the only one with an email address so I purchased domain and email from google. My team grew and pitchers mxroute for the team. I have had issues with split routing by keeping my google workplace email. This week I am migrating over to mxroute but it’s not working. I have followed in instructions but much be missing something. I exported my google data and put in Mac mail, synced with mxroute email and changed mx records, spf and DKM. Deleted the split route. What am I missing.

There is no way to know without more information. “it’s not working” is way too vague. Are you having issues with receiving or sending email? Have you used MXRoute’s webmail and are you having the same issues? If you wish, feel free to PM me your domain name and I will check your DNS records - but in the mean time more information is needed. @DG081177

Can you be more specific about what is not working (i.e. sending, receiving, etc)?

Have you allowed enough time for DNS to propagate?

Have you tested with https://www.mail-tester.com/? This is often a good starting point to make sure you have DNS configured appropriately.

Got it to work. I had to call Google and they helped me. For some reason it was telling me the mx records were in use but when they helped, they were Not there and we added them. DKIM is saying not set up when I test the email, but waiting a few days to ensure it’s all working.