Suggestions for self hosted CardDAV/CalDAV?

I’m experiencing a lot of time outs using the Nextcloud. I have stopped using the files sync completely. Looking to self host my own CardDAV/CalDAV on a small VPS. It is only for family use so enterprise software is not appropriate. Just wondering what is simple to deploy & maintain software for the task.? I assume a Docker image would be easiest. Yes, I know the Nextcloud instance was an unsupported freebie.

Maybe you can find something suitable in this list:

It’s in the list that Alento posted but hosting Nextcloud yourself is also a good option. I host a personal instance as well and it works well for that.
For simplicity’s sake, you can install it with Docker if you’d rather not deal with Apache configuration. I’d personally recommend against using the Snap version though.
Disclaimer though, I am one of the Nextcloud contributors/developers so I may be biased :slight_smile: