Struggling to setup email

Bear with me, I’m not very technically minded in this area of computing.

Having joined MXRoute and changed the MX records with my previous host, I’m struggling to get IMAP working for any of my mail clients (simply returns an error). I can log in via webmail on MXRoute but my Outlook client when setting up rejects the sever entry provided in the important information email. still points to the old webmail service also

IMAP Server :
SMTP Server : (same as above)

Really thought this was going to be straightforward but I’m completely lost now after a couple of days of confusion. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I found several of your attempts, and they all revealed this error:

tls_early_post_process_client_hello:unsupported protocol

This would suggest that you’re using outdated software that does not support secure SSL protocols. In such a case, you should either try not using SSL at all or upgrading your software. To try without SSL, these ports work best:

IMAP: 143
SMTP: 25 or 587
POP3: 110

If you’re using software that does not support secure SSL protocols, it’s okay to go without SSL if you have to use the software. This is better than a false sense of security, at least your system isn’t telling you that it’s secure while it isn’t.

Thanks for the quick reply and assistance - very much appreciated.

Makes sense. I’ve disabled SSL and the emails from the past 2 days now appear to be arriving. Is there a way to retrieve all of my old IMAP emails and have them accessible on this mail server as I notice all of my old email is not displayed/accessible?

If you have emails on another server that you want to bring over, you can use imapsync. The creator of it made an online version here: