SSL Certificate Expired for SMTP server -

Hmm this is interesting that you no longer have a ticketing system.

Outlook is throwing a 0x800CCC67 error on being unable to establish an encrypted connection to the outgoing smtp server.

Doing a check on shows also confirms that the issue is not client-side related - even though TLS is an option on the server, the certificate is not valid.

This seems like it was an issue back in August 2019 too - but the Slack invite link there is dead, so I can’t post there

Seems that exim isn’t returning the cert. Looking into it. In the meantime, I’d literally pay you to take a service on another server as this one is hanging by a thread and needs to be decommissioned. If you’d like to take me up on that, reach out at

Not all servers end up this way but our original VestaCP deployments were flawed and eventually became unmanageable while not being a system that we could migrate away from, meaning we have to wait for people to cancel service and try to make it worth people’s time to move from it where possible so that we can eventually kill it off.

Seems it was file permissions as usual. This system continually fights me on that :frowning:


Awesome. Thanks for fixing it so far Jarland!

Funny enough I actually did buy another package but never got around to migrating over to that one… so I’ve been paying for both but only using one haha.

Guess this is motivation to move it over sooner