SPAM Mail how to solve

Dear all,

In my mail, auto spam mail are received day by day.How to stop auto spam mail.Please kindly check the picture I attached.I got problem and how to fix it.11

You can adjust spam filter settings in DirectAdmin or cPanel, look for either SpamAssassin (cPanel and some older DirectAdmin servers) or rspamd (Newer DirectAdmin servers) to adjust your configuration.

With that said, there is no perfect option here. The best spam filters in the business are closed source systems managed by companies like Google. We use open source software, and open source spam filters are just not that great right now.

That email you posted a screenshot of, I doubt that you’d ever stop that one with an open source filter. Notice that it appears very hand written and comes from a personal Yahoo address. If you filtered email based on words they used, you’d probably create a filter that never hit another email again at best, and at worst you might block future email that you want to receive. Computer algorithms are not good at keeping up with humans who are constantly working against them, and blocking every specific spam email after you receive them is often a wasted effort (a really good spammer doesn’t send you the same email twice).

We’ll continue to do our best to block spam, and we have many successes, but they’ll go unnoticed because you won’t see them :slight_smile: