Spam Being Moved to Trash by Default


I’m having a problem where incoming email that is flagged as spam is being moved to the trash folder of the default domain, and is not being moved to the spam folder of the correct account.

The behaviour I was expecting was that spam email would be moved to the correct email account and placed in a spam folder.

This has resulted in emails for invoices and marketing opportunities incorrectly flagged as spam being missed, and is what prompted me to look for the messages. I don’t know why I found them in the default domain’s trash, and I don’t know how to fix it.

Advice is appreciated. Thank you

It sounds like you have the second option selected, instead of the third:

I don’t see any of those options.

I’ve attached screenshots of what I can control from cPanel - happy to take more if it helps. I’ve had to split it into two posts because I can’t two do images in one as a new forum user.

spam filters


There isn’t a feature like that, check your filters in cPanel to see if you’ve added something that you didn’t intend to or that didn’t function in the way you thought it might.

So I have no filters on any accounts.

Should I create a support ticket?


Message me on (uses login) and let me know the sender and recipient of an email that you experienced this behavior on. As soon as I’m able, I’ll take a look and let you know my findings.