Solved - Minimum DNS entries for only forwarding

Hi there, just signed up yesterday and everything is working so far, no problems :slight_smile:

Just a question left: I have for example a main-domain called, I own some TLDs of this domain, too, for example Mails of those domains should be only forwarded to my main-domain (to get answered from there).

What are the minimum DNS entries I have to set up for Is it sufficient to set the MX records only?


Have you taken advantage of the option for “Domain Pointers” rather than using forwarding … it may be much more beneficial for your use case.

If the other TLD versions of your domain will NOT be sending outbound email - the only record you really need is the MX record.

Mh, I’ve never thought about “Domain Pointers” before. But thanks for pointing me in this direction. After adding both MX records and the SPF record, it works perfectly as described here:

Thanks for helping :slight_smile: