SMTP Error: Could not authenticate

I am using “WP Mail SMTP” plugin in WordPress to send email and everyday I get 1 or 2 such error messages:

SMTP Error: Could not authenticate

Then after I run email test then it always says OK.

Screenshot given below. Is there something I can do to fix this issue?


I was able to locate the logs for this. I do see the events taking place. From my end it looks the same, authentication failure. This means that the plugin is at least intermittently submitting the wrong credentials, for whatever reason that may be. You might consider a different plugin. I don’t have any direct recommendations but there are surely a few if you search SMTP in the plugin search, perhaps something else will be more consistent.

I’m using Easy WP SMTP without issues.

Thanks for the quick response as usual. I have a sent to message to plugin developer. Otherwise I will use Easy WP SMTP as suggested by flips.