Smart Host possible?

Is it possible to use MXRoute as an SMTP smart host for an internal (LAN) email server?

This URL shows the sort of service we are seeking:

Searching the MXRoute Documentation pages or this Q&A board does not seem to state anything either way about that functionality, but providing a URL would be perfect if this topic has already been covered.

This would not be for bulk mail in our case, probably a few dozen emails per day and mostly to the same recipients.

It’s definitely possible. We’re working on a product that is more appropriate for that kind of usage, and have intentionally avoided documenting how to use the current service with it. The reason being that soon after we release that product, we’re planning on giving customers notice that they will no longer be able to send email from a domain that doesn’t match the one they are logged in with, which could potentially hurt that type of scenario and push it to that new product.

That said, there’s nothing preventing it from being done. There’s no limitations in our SMTP protocol right now that would prevent it. You’d have to adapt your system to it, which could be done similarly to how MailChannels documents using their service in that way:

Of course, changing relevant variables like the login/pass and server.

You’ve asked for an update but you haven’t given any information as to why the answers already given in this thread are not appropriate for you.

Working perfectly based on the instructions provided above. Thanks for the quick response Jarland.

Hi - is there any update on this please?

A few months ago I signed up for a reseller, because I was fed up with MS delivery issues on my own mail server. However I’ve not bitten the bullet of migrating everything. After thinking about it a bit more, I think what I’d really like is to be able to use MX Route’s SMTP for delivery, while keeping IMAP on my own server.,.