Sign into Webmail button on Direct Admin

Is there a way to make the ‘Sign into Webmail’ button on Email accounts in Direct Admin page, opne the account in Crossbox ?

Whenever I want to check my user accounts, it only opens using RoundCube which actually creates extra folders in my user’s accounts. This makes me to reset the user account password, login to their account in Crossbox and then remove the created folders. Then, I have to ask my users to reset their password again.

Any workaround on this ?

There is not. Roundcube is built in to DirectAdmin where Crossbox is not. Though it is odd that Roundcube would be creating the folders, that’s supposed to be the IMAP server creating those which means that any login to the account should be creating them (and they should always be re-created if missing).

Got it. Guess there is no other way than to reset the password and login to their account. Or is there a way to access their password ? ( I know its highly unlikely as I read Crossbox encodes the password before storing it.)

I’d suggest a different approach. Let the folders be created, and just unsubscribe to them. In Roundcube click the 3 vertical dots next to the email address and you’ll find the folder options where you can change subscriptions. Don’t fight it, lean into it :wink: