Sieve exposed on eagle?


I wanted to use my own sogo instance, is sieve 4190 exposed to the public?

Only on the DA servers, not cPanel, I think …

I’m afraid cPanel doesn’t use that to create it’s filters, opting instead for a direct exim integration that isn’t exposed in such a way.

Yeah just toss an email to support @ mxroute .com

It’s a shame because I have a Black Friday deal and I wanted to have my own interface and I wanted to bet on Sieve.
You can’t or will not change the server? Mailboxes can be backed up.
But I understand if you can’t do it because of this price-point

I can create a new account for you on a new server and give you time to get set up, but I can’t migrate anything. Eventually it will be migrated if you stay where you are, but it’s not a process I’ve perfected.

Okay that sounds nice, should I make an Ticket for that?
I will need 1-2 Days if it’s okay.