Setup Mxroute as forwarder?


So I just realized my registrar’s email forwarder is down (?) for who ever knows how long! Bad pig! :frowning:

Im getting this “Server response: 452 4.3.1 Insufficient system storage”. My Gmail is only using 8% of its storage.

Is there a guide on how to setup Mxroute to act as a forwarder to Gmail?


Hey friend,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having. Before you set up a forwarder to Google, I need to let you know the most likely reason that you will not receive some email when doing so:

The title of that blog post is meant to discourage, it doesn’t mean that I won’t support it to the best of my ability. It just means that Google won’t support it in some cases, and that there’s nothing you or I can do about that. A recent check of roughly 5600 forwarded emails to Google revealed that 32 emails could not be forwarded because Google respects DMARC over SRS. For most users these odds are great, and they see no problems. But there’s always a risk that an email you need will be one of the forwards that they reject.

Now, with that out of the way, let me give a brief overview. If you are signing up for a new service, you will have a DirectAdmin control panel to manage your email with us. You can create forwarders by clicking “E-mail Manager” and then “Forwarders.” It’s fairly straight forward from there.

If you have an older account on cPanel, just look for “Forwarders” in cPanel and you can find the situation to be relatively similar/simple as well.

Just to double check, this is only an issue with forwarding emails, correct? Pulling emails from gmail (pop3) should be pretty safe?

Correct @EvilSushiPirate, you should have a more reliable outcome if you use POP3 retrieval instead.