Setup for SMTP for sunfire

What is the exact setup to send emails for sunfire? I can’t make anything work and after almost an hour of searching mxroute can find no basic explanation of a SMTP setup.

Try reading the Important Account Information email?
If you can’t find it, check:

There is nothing in the link or the email that answers my question.

Is it really that difficult to just say what the SMTP setup is?

That’s all I’m asking for.

Yo, that’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
The account information email does not have that b/c it was setup with the ghost server (which still seems to be operational) and so I don’t have the sunfire setup.

I’m not sure what the status is of transitioning from ghost to sunfire (the last note I got was back in August) with nothing since then.

I’ve got it working now, at least.

The problem, Jarland, is this: Nowhere is there a simple page that says, if you’re using sunfire server, these are your email settings. I looked at all my emails (and just looked at the link you provided), and for me at least there isn’t anything that simply tells me what the settings are. Examples for Apple & Gmail* all display a page with the basic items needed (or are easy to locate with a simple search), in a clear and straight-forward way. For nearly an hour of searching yesterday, I couldn’t find anything like those 2 examples on mxroute (if there is, please provide the link so I can keep that with my logins in 1Password).

Regarding ghost vs sunfire: I thought you were migrating over so I figured setting up with sunfire for a new client would make sense.

  • I had a third example for Outlook but your system told me “new users” can only post up to two links. Guess I’m still a new user.

Really? :man_shrugging:
That email usually states server name, ports and required DNS records.

I don’t have an account on your server,
but regular
SSL on 465 or STARTTLS on 587, plain SMTPAUTH
using should work fine.
… So what exactly are looking for?

(Not staff here, just trying to help …)

So … you have created user(s) in DA, setup MX and SPF (TXT) records, and you just have issue connecting to SMTP(S) using user@your-DA-domain.tld as username?

Here’s some info on that: cPanel Server Migrated to DirectAdmin | MXroute

The intent was that nothing change at all so any settings you had always used should have continued to work without any adjustment, enabling you to carry on without being notified of any new information.

Roger that, thanks for the feedback on it!