Setting up MXroute as a second mail server for website notification emails

One of my domain that I manage, already has an active mail server setup for regular user emails. And it is set as following (not by me)

Hostname -
Record Type- MX 20
Value -

The domain is hosted on a WordPress site, and because the Plesk server which hosts the site is running without a mailserver (hence why I have MXroute to handle the mails).

So the issue is, because how Plesk server is setup, the site is not able to send out ‘forgot password’ emails. Hence, I’m thinking of using mxroute as a second mailserver to send these kinda notification emails from the website while there’s already a mircosoft server handling the usual user email accounts. Is this possible to implement without disrupting the existing users email service? Any kind advice will be greatly appreciated.

Some guesswork on my part:

I have configured several email servers for my domain. Using SendGrid, but I suppose that principle is the same. Picture 1 here shows the added sendgrid to the SPF record:

You could also configure a subdomain ( and configure THAT to run with MXroute. If using the below-described plugin, all the emails from the website are sent using there-configured email and SMTP server (so you needn’t edit the admin email, it still won’t look like some forwarding, spoofing or whatnot).

Is your WordPress configured to use SMTP for sending emails? Here’s my config:

You can join the support chat and someone will walk you through it. @Subby

(Or PM me with your domain, and I can tell you what the correct SPF record should be)

oh! I didn’t quite get that part but I’ll google up and see if I can read up a little on that. Thank you!

@bikegremlin my apologies for not being able to reply sooner and thank you so much for taking time to explain what you did. I’ll try this out see if it helps my situation. Thanks again

If you opt to not use a sub-domain, you will need to be sure to edit your SPF record and add @Subby

You can sign up at It’s not an official support channel anymore but I’m there, we’re all there.

@Alento Right now, the owner of the website is not keen to do any changes. But I’d like to join the chat group to stay in touch, may I know where can I find the chat group?