Setting up email in Android or email client

Hello! Does this question already exist? Yes, yes it does but the exact answers never seem to match for me. Don’t misunderstand, that is probably due to my own lack of understanding, so I am just hoping someone can explain it in a way I will be able to figure out. Thanks! Okay, so if I have an account like arrow.mxrouting .net/roundtable/ which then leads to a sign in, say In an email I was given servers (in and out) as, with smpt port 587. When I try to set it up it always gives me an error that it can’t connect to server & to check the settings. What settings can I change? I have tried pop and imap, every choice in security or encryption, adding things to server lines, all with no luck. I know of at least a few other employees having the same problem. So am I doing something wrong, or did the IT team not set something up right? How can we tell? Web based email works fine for both sending and receiving by the way, but would like to get this integrated with my email client on the PC and on my phone. Maybe the addition of that “roundtable” changes the procedure from the other mxrouting tutorials I have read… Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

It’s possible that you didn’t set up the custom mail subdomain for email. In that case, refer to the one source of truth as the “Important Account Information” email. You can find a copy here:

If you want a custom SMTP/IMAP/POP mail subdomain on your own domain to use in email clients, you can follow this tutorial:

@Jarland Guess the confusion is caused by the dialog box that pops afted creating an email account in DA (screenshot). Anyway this can be corrected? Screenshot_20200731-183648