Setting MX Route as backup MX server in DA

In the DirectAdmin platform is it possible to setup a domain to use MXroute server as Backup MX?
Scenario expects to have:

  • domain using MX entries pointing to MXRoute server
  • Incoming emails received by mxroute server
  • MXroute server(being a backup mx) routes emails to a different MX Server.

While cPanel offers(offered) more settings in this aspect, I am not sure if DA user interface supports this kind of setup or direct updates are allowed to exim config files.

Doesn’t look like this is possible. I think the modifications they outline here are for turning a whole server into a backup:

Even then not particularly a good option, since DA replaces exim.conf on config build and won’t support a custom version of the file.

Thank you Jarland!
Now I realize I shoud be able to take a different approach, letting mxroute work as is and add a further “delivery” level down the road relying on fetchmail!
Looks like you have a new customer :slight_smile: